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Field Sparrow



This delicate Field Sparrow obliged at the beanery.

OUT OF THE WIND, THE SHELTERED HEDGEROWS AND WIND BREAKS OF THE REA’S FARM (AKA THE BEANERY) WERE FULL OF MIGRANT SONGBIRDS. Sparrows predominated here with some particularly nice views of Field and Savannah. A few warblers were also still around - my only Common Yellowthroat of the trip skulked in a tangle of creepers here. There were also other birds that would set pulses racing back home like Blue-headed Vireo, Tennessee Warbler and Hermit Thrush. Although numbers dwindled towards the end of my stay there were still a few interesting species to be seen or better views to be had of familiar faces that seemed to stick to the same small discreet areas of the farm. The farm is also a good place to keep an eye on the skies and most of the raptors that are seen from the hawkwatch platform can also be seen passing over here. Thanks a lot to Cape May resident Kevin Karlson for another top tip of how to best to spend my time. 

Savannah Sparrow