Two-barred Crossbill, Crow Wood Farm, East Lancashire 

I WAS LUCKY TO GET AN INVITATION to what turned out to be a final look at the juvenile Two-barred Crossbill at Crow Wood Farm on Tuesday and it obliged by visiting the closest feeder for a change in some very nice light. I was interested to see that they are apparently still on the move in Finland, with a movement of c.1000 past a watch-point on the Baltic coast there today so there may be more to come... One wonders what happens to them. Do they keep going west and drop into the Atlantic when they run out of energy or do they have the sense to stop here? This winter is going to be very interesting and it looks like folks who missed this bird might get some more chances yet, maybe even in East Lancs? Thanks a lot to the finder, Barry Tyrer and his partner Louise for allowing so many folks to enjoy this special event with them.