Yellow-browed Warbler, River Calder, Padiham 

I TOOK THIS PHOTO BY THE GAS WORKS WALL on the banks of the River Calder. Autumn 2013 has seen probably the biggest ever influx of Yellow-browed Warblers, refected in the flurry of records in the ELOC area. This was one of only two remotely sharp photos I took, at ISO2500, in several hours of a quite retiring bird - the warbler was very elusive, mostly calling loudly from within the shadows of the tall conifers by the riverbank path. Although a kingfisher and six Goosanders brightened up my time by the river here I don't much like Padiham either. Apart from the strong support for the BNP here I dislike having to pick my way through tens of dog turds on the riverbank path for instance. A rat scuttled away from the dumped rubbish bags that it was rummaging through next to the shut down and deserted gas works.