Alan makes his way along the Downham slope, the site of last autumn's Lapland Bunting 

PENDLE HILL usually promises so much but generally delivers very little except for a good workout, especially in autumn. However, it does get good birds from time to time and that possibility is what attracted me and Alan McBride today. Ultimately three Northern Wheatears and a single Common Snipe were the only rewards for our efforts but watching the sunrise and the views of the Ribble Valley were magnificent... between the gaps in the low mist clouds that were rolling across the summit. We saw around 7 or 8 Red Grouse, 2 Common Kestrels, a couple of Eurasian Skylarks and several Meadow Pipits but as usual fell short of 10 species on the hill itself. We agreed that at least the walk counteracted our pre-dawn visit to the Scottish restaurant on the A59.