The first dotterel of 2014 on Pendle Hill

EVERY DAY WITH MY FAVOURITE BIRD IS A SPECIAL ONE! A big thank you to John Metcalf, who found the first dotterel of 2014 on Pendle Hill today. After a fish and chips lunch and a pint at Hurst Green I made my annual pilgrimage up the hill and was very happy to catch up with this lovely bird. I was the only person here for most of the time in the late afternoon sunshine, joined later by Pendle regular Chris Tomlinson. The calls of golden plover, skylark, Meadow Pipit and Red Grouse filled the air just north of the trig point not far from where Barry James's ashes were scattered. He would have loved to see this one. Rest in peace Barry.

A little more shy than usual this bird eventually got used to my presence and fed actively only a few metres away