Terek Sandpiper perched on a partly submerged fisherman's boat

DOWNSTREAM AT KP3MHAE (OR 'KREMNOE') MORE SOUGHT-AFTER WP BIRDS CAN BE FOUND. These include notably Terek Sandpiper, at the westernmost limit of its breeding range and the gorgeous Azure Tit. We found some regular perches of the former, on logs and old fishing boats, as well as a nest of the latter (in the wall of a rickety village house). Other interesting birds here were: Little Bittern, Corn Crake, Citrine Wagtail, Thrush Nightingale, Bluethroat (white-spotted) and Common Rosefinch. Another pleasant surprise in Belarus was the friendly welcome we received everywhere although we resisted one or two invitations to a vodka drinking session! The winters are long and cold here with deep snow lying for months.

Azure Tit, bird of the trip for most!

Citrine Wagtail, towards the westernmost limit of its breeding range

A typical village house, with Thrush Nightingale and Icterine Warbler singing in the garden (IPhone 5S Hipstamatic)