Snowy Pendle sunset

SOME BIRDS ARE TOUGHER THAN OTHERS and Snow Bunting is one of the toughest of the lot. With a foot of snow in places on the summit of Pendle Hill today I wondered if they would still be in their usual places and they were! I had two birds in more or less the same place as last weekend, scuttling around on the deep snow, eating grass seeds protruding above it. They were very difficult to keep up with as they moved around quickly, never in the same place for long even though I kept my distance and eventually I lost them, disappearing into the whiteness of their winter home. I was stunned to see a tight flock of at least 55 Red Grouse as well, maybe the whole population of Pendle in one place? Two ravens were the only other birds up there today.

A Snow Bunting picking seeds from grass heads on Pendle Summit, they are amazingly hardy little birds.