A Semi-palmated Plover feeding on the shore.

SMALL NUMBERS OF SEMI-PALMATED PLOVERS AND WESTERN SANDPIPERS DELIGHTED on the sandy shore at Stone Harbor. Although the Piping Plovers that breed here in the summer were now gone there were still plenty of other shorebirds to watch, in between the dumb beach walkers who persisted in walking along the water’s edge. Given time it was possible to get very close to them, lying on the ultra fine sand. Sanderlings from the High Arctic were the commonest shorebirds but were also joined by a few Red Knot and Dunlin. Two Red Knot, Black-bellied Plovers and a couple of juvenile Semi-palmated Plovers also enlivened my visits. The second, with Wildside guide and ex-pat Brit Adrian Binns, was ‘with the lights on’ in lovely evening sun that improved on my rather flat photos from the first session. The shorebirds were also more approachable here than back home. I’ll be back! 

Western Sandpiper