Red Grouse - we're probably not the only ones becoming weary of the endless rain this winter.

A SPIN AROUND BOWLAND IN THE RAIN TODAY with Alexander did not produce much of interest, except for plenty of Red Grouse on the Fells. Looking rather fed up, soggy and bedraggled we managed around 20 in the usual places. A flock of 70 Northern Lapwings on Lord's Close Road was quite high up and I finally managed to find some Fieldfares there too, only four though so way below the numbers we normally see in the fields at this time of year. Otherwise I only saw a handful of new species for the year but I'm still not really trying. There was hardly anyone around today, unsurprising in such filthy weather. There weren't many birds either, most would be keeping their heads down until the rain passed.

ELOC year list: 60. Lesser Black-backed Gull 61. Collared Dove 62. Fieldfare 63. Northern Lapwing 64. Eurasian Bullfinch 65. Common Woodpigeon 66. Mute Swan