Common Scoter, Barrow Lower Lodge

THE COMMON SCOTER WAS STILL PRESENT ON BARROW LOWER LODGE near Clitheroe early this morning. Found yesterday, news was not spread widely until evening. I guess most people have seen tons of them in East Lancs already but to see one on such a small lake/pond is very special. Incredibly this is of course the second scoter species, which has occurred on this tiny water body, following the Velvet Scoter in Dec 2009/Jan 2010. It did not look too well early on but perked up when an endless series of dog walkers passed by, frequently swimming into the middle of the pond. Occasionally it swam right up to the crash barrier by the road, presumably checking out the Mallards and swans there. The light was terrible this morning with numerous sleet showers and as I crouched next to the McDonald's rubbish bin several folks chucked their dogshit bags in just inches from my head and one guy pulled up in a car and threw a pile of baby nappies in too. Well I guess I can't have it both ways as I often moan that people don't put their dogshit bags in any kind of bin but I felt like asking the nappy guy if he didn't have a bin of his own. [later we counted a combination of 20 dogshit bags and actual dogshits along the entrance track to Longridge Fell. What is wrong with these people? The dirty bastards. ] Anyway, back to the scoter. While we stood back away from the lodge it decided to take flight for no apparent reason and flew straight towards us, before veering around, crossing the A59 and landing on Barrow Upper Lodge, where it went back and forth from the main lodge to the small upper pond. Eventually, it flew off north and out of sight. Seven Goosanders, nine Tufted Ducks, a Great Crested Grebe and a cormorant remained on the upper lodge, which is being drained in connection with the housing development there. I thought the fact the lower lodge is now surrounded by houses, fast food franchises and industrial units would mean there wouldn't be another good bird there but clearly not, although another one of the remaining four scoter species seems unlikely!

Common Scoter, Barrow Upper Lodge